Welcome to the homepage of Toledo’s foot-stompin party band. The Sweet Tea Band has been together for 6 years and have played events at PIB, The Toledo Yacht Club, The Toledo Country Club, many weddings and private parties. Sweet Tea is also known around the Toledo bar scene having played such places as The Oar House, The Rock n’ Whiskey, The Distillery and many others.

If you are looking for a good time, Sweet Tea is Toledo’s premier party band. What people like the most is the variety of music they play, ranging from country to southern rock, bluegrass to hip hop and reggae. Be on the lookout for Sweet Tea on your local Toledo,OH music scene.


 1/27 THE OAR HOUSE , 5044 Suder Avenue Toledo, OH  9pm-1am
2/2 PAPA JOE’s SALOON,  4336 Monroe St, Toledo  8pm-12am
2/24 Burning Snowman Festival, Port Clinton, OH
3/2  THE BLARNEY, 601 Monroe St Toledo, Ohio 
3/17 THE OAR HOUSE  5044 Suder Avenue Toledo, OH 9p-1am
3/23 PAPA JOE’s SALOON,  4336 Monroe St, Toledo  8pm-12am
5/11 Mr Ed’s, Put In Bay, 9:30pm-1:30am
5/12 Mr Ed’s, Put In Bay, 9:30pm-1:30am
6/1 Genoa Homecoming Festival
6/2 PPBC, Point Place Boat Club Regatta
7/13 THE BLARNEY, 601 Monroe St Toledo, Ohio
10/5  THE BLARNEY, 601 Monroe St Toledo, Ohio
11/21 THE OAR HOUSE 5044 Suder Avenue Toledo, OH 9p-1am
12/22 THE OAR HOUSE  5044 Suder Avenue Toledo, OH 9p-1am

For booking contact Danny Thomas
419-787-3903 or on Facebook

Visit us on Facebook:
The Sweet Tea Band

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